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When Checked Luggage Becomes A Con

I booked my holiday to Lanzarote to go diving and windsurfing for two weeks and I paid the operator with my credit card. After booking the accommodation, activities, transfers, he said the flights would cost in the region of £100, so I asked him to book them for me as well. He then asked how many bags I would be taking and I replied “Surely I don’t need to confirm that until I actually check in to the flight?”

I found out to my horror that this airline would charge me £40 for the privelage of taking my luggage there and back but would only charge £100 to take me – something didn’t add up as I’m more than 2.5 times heavier than my luggage and also 2.5 times bigger than my luggage. So I decided that I would go on holiday for two weeks with just hand luggage. I wondered who on earth would pay these charges for checked in luggage.

I reasoned that if I needed to get my clothes cleaned I would still be quids in even if I paid the hotel to launder them for me. I could even go and buy some t-shirts or shirts and still have change if push came to shove. Luckily on my holiday I didn’t really need to take any equipment for my diving or windsurfing as everything was provided as part of the activities fee. I spent so much time in and on the water on this holiday all I really needed were a few shirts and shorts which easily fitted in my hand luggage and I washed what I needed in the local €6 – so I was easily £35 up!

On the same trip were a couple who were out diving for a week and both had checked in luggage, so they had paid effectively £5 per day to have somebody transport their bags over from the UK, and given for 4 hours every day they were underwater it hardly seems worth it for them. I asked them if they had considered just taking hand luggage but they didn’t think they could have brought everything for a week on holiday. They were astonished to hear I had packed everything in my hand luggage for two weeks. I wonder if they have ever paid for checked in luggage again.

The scale of these charges is staggering…

Ryanair charge £140 for a 20kg bag on selected routes in their high season per trip. Yes, per trip. That’s £280 for a return trip. Having luggage on your trip is, with these prices, a luxury. And heaven help you if your suitcase is over the 20kg as that’s an additional £20 per kilo!!!

So avoid these expensive charges and find a nice piece of hand luggage, make sure it fits the airline’s requirements and enjoy your trip, thinking about the money you’ve saved on checking in you luggage… in fact why not treat yourself with the money you’ve saved!

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