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Thomson Airways-take note of the hand luggage weight limit

A post on TripAdvisor sums up exactly why I set up this webpage…

“My wife was picked up last week on 2 kgs excess on check-in for return flight from Kefalonia.No excuses.We just assumed (and it is foolish to assume) that a small carry-on caseful that had got through easyJet,Jet2 and Monarch in the last 6 months would not be a problem.It was.

We researched 131 airlines that fly in and out of UK Airports and found that there were 31 different allowances varying from a hand luggage of 40cm x 30m x 20cm up to a maximum of  56 x 45 x 25cm. That means the biggest hand luggage allowance is over TWO AND A HALF times bigger than the smallest hand luggage size.

This range of hand luggage allowances is what causes so much confusion and I wonder if airlines deliberately play on this confusion togenerate extra revenue from the oversized luggage fees.

I hope this website reduces the level of confusion and allows people to go on their holiday or their business trip without forking out extra money just to take their hand luggage with them.

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