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Ryanair Hand Luggage Charges and Incentives

Have you ever wondered what possesses the airport staff to so vigorously manage Ryanair’s hand luggage allowance?

Well, actually it comes down to incentives. Ryanair staff obviously have an incentive to implement the company’s policies surrounding hand luggage – it’s there job! But why do non-Ryanair staff in airports where it is a local ground crew who oversee the rules, why do they enforce the terms & conditions as zealously as if they were Ryanair staff?

Well the answer, it seems, is on page 63 of the Ryanair Annual Report

As part of its non-flight scheduled and Internet-related services Ryanair incentivizes ground service providers at many of the airports it serves to levy correct excess baggage charges for any baggage that exceeds Ryanair’s published baggage allowances and to collect these charges in accordance with Ryanair‘s standard terms and conditions.

From that it seems that Ryanair offer an incentive for the local ground review to check your checked and hand luggage and ensure you are travelling within the limits set by Ryanair’s terms and conditions. And where you contravene these terms and conditions they ensure you pay the full amount. That is certainly my experience, both in airports where they have their own staff and in airports where they have contracted local third party ground crew.


So when you’re travelling with Ryanair and you end up contravening one of their non-flight terms and conditions, don’t expect sympathy from the local ground crew as to the reason you have over packed, lost your boarding pass etc. they are being incentivised by Ryanair to ignore your sob story.


As ever when flying, pack well and pack clever, but especially with Ryanair to avoid increased costs.


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