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Ryanair Additional Hand Luggage Piece Advert

Following profit warnings, Ryanair commited themselves to a charm offensive to convince customers they had increased their levels of service and were worthy at least to reconsider flying with them again.

As part of that drive to refresh the brand, recently they have invested in advertising, including a 20 second commercial informing the public that they can take two pieces of hand luggage on board – if you haven’t seen it, here it is…Ryanair Hand Luggage Advertisement

The advertisement highlights in small print that “Size Restrictions Apply” but doesn’t detail the actual restrictions which may mean that flyers could be confused. Ryanair’s terms & conditions of travel do state that you can take an additional bag, but that bag must be smaller than the first piece, with a maximum size of  35cm x 20cm x 20cm but they don’t state if the second bag has a maximum weight limit although the first bag must be 10kg or less.

So it’s not exactly as straightforward as the advertising would have us believe in respects of being able to bring on two equally sized bags – it they wanted to be clearer they should have said you’re allowed two bags, one which is bigger than the other. And getting it wrong can be expensive for the Ryanair customer, as  the same conditions of carriage highlight that any oversized hand luggage will be charged €50/£50.

But there’s consequences from offering every passenger the opportunity to take two pieces of hand luggage on to the Ryanair flights… According to the Terms & Conditions of Carriage, Ryanair will only take the first 90 pieces of cabin luggage on board the plane (from a maximum of 189 passengers each taking two pieces, equaling a possible 378 pieces of hand luggage), with the remainder pieces of hand luggage being put in the hold free of charge. Whilst this means your hand luggage will get to your destination with you at no additional charge, it will mean those passengers with hand luggage in the hold will be delayed as they pick their hand luggage up from the baggage carousel at their destination.



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