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How Handluggageguru was born

I was sitting in the departure lounge awaiting my early morning flight from London Gatwick to Edinburgh airport. I had a work meeting in Edinburgh and was travelling only with my MacBook Air, power cable, kindle and iPhone, in a Muji briefcase. I was flying easyJet and by coincidence there was a British Airways flight at the next gate also going to Edinburgh, but departing 10 minutes later.

My flight was called to board first, and I chose to wait till the line of passengers had dropped so I didn’t have to stand for fifteen minutes, inching closer to the gate but not saving myself any time. The easyJet staff courteously and polite processed everybody’s boarding pass, photographic ID and ensured their hand luggage was safe to fit in the cabin. On this flight, at least eight passengers failed the hand luggage test and ere asked to check their hand luggage in at an additional monetary cost to them, and a time cost to us their fellow passengers. Several of the guilty parties complained saying that they had either previously flown with easyJet with this precise piece of hand luggage (I assume precedence has no weight in the court of easyJet!) or that they were connecting from another airline who had no problem with their hand luggage.

In the meantime, the British Airways flight had been called to board. Now I watched to see how many of the British Airways customers would have the incorrect hand luggage or even be challenged about it by the staff at the gate. Not one. In fact, the British Airways flight had actually closed by the time I stood up and boarded my flight to Edinburgh.

Are British Airways’ passengers more knowledable about hand luggage allowances? Are the hand luggage allowances the same between easyJet and British Airways? (They’re not!!!) Is there a single global aviation standard for hand luggage? (There’s not!!!)

It was during this flight that I thought… why are people still travelling with the wrong size of hand luggage? Why do they risk the extra charges? Why do the significantly delay themselves and other passengers?

I started looking into the information that hand luggage manufacturers provide, and their perception of a “standard” hand luggage size is varied at best.

So I thought… why don’t I create a list of all airlines’ hand luggage allowances and review the hand luggage for sale and see which pieces of hand luggage are actually fit for the purpose of travelling in the cabin of an airplane.

Thus was born… www.handluggageguru.co.uk

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