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Hand Luggage Review: Cabin Max Backpack

Hand Luggage Review: Cabin Max Backpack

As of today, the Cabin Max BackpackCabin Max Backpack is Amazon.co.uk’s most popular hand luggage item and at £24.95 is great value for money and fits 72% the hand luggage allowance of all airlines flying in and out of UK airports.

Hand Luggage Review: Cabin Max Backpack Dimensions: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm Weight 0.66kg

Hand Luggage Review: Cabin Max Backpack Good News

I am a big fan of backpacks for hand luggage. They are light and easy to carry, as you’re not carrying the extra weight of wheels or a trolley handle. Also, when you get to your destination or at home they can be folded away to take up little storage space.

The Cabin Max Backpack is actually only 0.66 kg, so you have plenty of weight left for your contents, even if it’s the tiny 5kg weight allowance of airlines like TAM, Small World, Nouvelair, Iran Air, Iraqi Airways, Helvetic Airlines, China Southern, BH Air, Azerbaijan Airlines, Thomas Cook, Thomson, Titan Airways.

To make it comfortable to carry, the shoulder straps are adjustable.I like that the manufacturers have thought of having not just shoulder straps but also a carrying handle at the top so its easier to get it in and out of the overhead compartment.

It is made of a water resistant material so if you’re walking in the rain your contents won’t get drenched.

It has two external zip locked pouches and I particularly like the smaller one, which makes it easy to store and find your essential travel items like passport and tickets. There is a third zip for the main internal compartment, which has two internal zipped compartments.

It also comes in a range of colours, helping you express your own style whilst also helping you find your case should you have to check it in.

This piece if hand luggage will fit on British Ariways, Ryanair, easyJet, FlyBe, Thomas Cook, Thomson and 78 other airlines.

Finally, the manufacturers offer a 5 year warranty on this piece so even if it does fall apart you won’t be wasting your money.

Hand Luggage Review: Cabin Max Backpack Bad News

The worst thing about this bag is its a soft fabric bag. This means that you have to pack it carefully, otherwise there’s the risk that your items will bulge the side of the bag, and that could mean you actually exceed the hand luggage allowances of some airlines. The bag does have compression straps on the side to help compress the contents of the bag to ensure that

Also being a fabric bag, it is prone to being ripped, especially if you don’t pack it properly. This is a bag with good levels of construction.

I’ve read some reviews where the zips broke after a little use and the fabric easily tears and the seems separate after limited use, so the price may refelct the quality of the fabric and construction.

This bag does NOT meet the Virgin Atlantic hand luggage size.

Hand Luggage Review: Cabin Max Backpack Overall

I’m giving this a 4 out of 5 stars. It is light, easy to carry and fits c70% of all airline’s hand luggage allowance. Its fantastic value for money, in fact cheaper than most airline’s hand luggage excess fee, but not for long term use as there are reports of zips, seems and fabric failing.  To make it 5 stars I would make the matierals far more robust.

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