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Hand Luggage Allowance By Airport

Hand Luggage Allowance By Airport

We review every UK airport’s hand luggage policy, so you can see what items and sizes are allowed before you go to the airport.

East Midlands Airport

London Luton Airport

Norwich International Airport

London Southend Airport

London Stansted Airport

London Heathrow Airport

London Gatwick Airport

London City Airport

Newcastle Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Blackpool International Airport

Manchester Airport

Southampton Airport

London Oxford Airport

Exeter Airport

Bournemouth Airport

Newquay Cornwall Airport

Bristol Airport

Birmingham Airport

Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield

Humberside Airport

Leeds Bradford International Airport

Belfast International Airport

George Best Belfast City Airport

City of Derry Airport

Aberdeen Airport

Barra Airport

Benbecula Airport

Campbeltown Airport

Colonsay Airport

North Ronaldsay Airport

Dundee Airport

Sumburgh Airport

Eday Airport

Edinburgh Airport

Fair Isle Airport

Islay Airport

Sanday Airport

Papa Westray Airport

Inverness Airport

Glasgow Prestwick International Airport

Glasgow International Airport

Kirkwall Airport

Cardiff Airport

Alderney Airport

Guernsey Airport

Isle of Man Airport

Jersey Airport


We are also developing international airport’s policy.

Items Restricted In Hand Luggage

There are some general restrictions on what you can take in your hand luggage which are set by the government including liquids and other materials.

Other restrictive pieces in hand luggage are

  • lighters
  • corkscrews
  • knives
  • large scissors
  • fireworks
  • non-safety matches
  • cigarette lighter
  • sports bat
  • sports racquet
  • sports stitcks
  • snooker cues
  • pool cues
  • billiard cues
  • golf clubs
  • darts
  • walking / hiking poles
  • fishing rods,catapults
  • firearms
  • replica firearms
  • harpoons
  • spear guns
  • crossbows
  • martial arts equipment
  • any work tools with a blade
  • any work tools with a shaft longer than 6cm
  • drill and drill bits
  • stanley knife
  • saws
  • screwdrivers
  • hammer
  • pliers
  • wrench / spanner
  • bolt / nail gun
  • crowbar
  • blowtorch
  • oxiders and organic peroxides (e.g. bleach)
  • acids and alkalis
  • corrosives or bleaching agents
  • vehicle batteries and vehicle fuel systems
  • self dense sprays (e.g. mace)
  • radioactive materials
  • poisons
  • toxic substances
  • biological hazards
  • spontaneously combustable materials
  • fire extinguishers
  • blasting caps
  • detonators and fuses
  • imitation explosive devises
  • mines
  • grenades
  • explosive military stores
  • pyrotechnics
  • smoke canisters
  • smoke cartridges
  • dynamite
  • gunpowderm platic explosives
  • flares
  • gun cigarette lighters