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Thomson Airways Hand Luggage Allowance

Thomson Airways’ Hand Luggage allowance is middle of our researched group, with 84 airlines out of 131 flying in and out of UK Airports that offer the same or bigger hand luggage allowance. The weight allowance is the worst available with only 5kg.

Thomson Airways Hand Luggage Size: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm with a weight allowance of 5kg


Thomson Airways Hand Luggage Allowance: The Good News

Thomson Airways Hand Luggage Allowance is a decent size, but nothing in comparision to British Airway‘s, easyJet‘s, Virgin Atlantic‘s or Monarch’s. It is the same size as Ryanair‘s

Thomson Airways Hand Luggage Allowance: The Bad News

The weight allowance for Thomson’s Hand Luggage is the joint worst of all the airlines we researched, allowing only 5kg. This means that if you have a hard shelled wheelie piece of hand luggage that c60% of the weight limit will be in the bag itself. Add on a laptop and you’re over the limit. Even soft sided hand luggage with a trolley and wheels will account for c40% of the weight limit, so it really is rdiciulously small. The hand luggage weight does go up to 7kg for First Class Passengers but even that weight is still ridiculously puny. There is no clear guidance on any oversized hand luggage charge applied by Thomson Airways but assuming you have already checked in your limit of checked baggage then they may charge you between £13 and £18 per kilo for your oversized hand luggage.

Thomsom Airways Hand Luggage Reviews

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