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Thomas Cook Hand Luggage Allowance

Thomas Cook Airlines has a decent hand luggage allowance in terms of the size of their hand luggage but the weight limit of 5kg is ridiculously small, making it joint bottom of our league table for weight allowance. They also have a high fee for oversized or additional pieces of hand luggage of between £50 and £70.

Thomas Cook Hand Luggage Size –  55cm x 40cm x 20cm with a weight limit of 5kg.


Thomas Cook Hand Luggage: The Good News

Thomas Cook’s hand luggage allowance is a decent size, allowing you to take a wide range of hand luggage on board without fear of any oversized hand luggage fee. They offer a slightly smaller size than British Airways, easyJet or Monarch but it is still more than Ryanair. They rank 74th out of 131 in terms of their hand luggage allowance from our research, so it is relatively middle of the road in terms of hand luggage size.

Thomas Cook Hand Luggage: The Bad News

Thomas Cook, along with several other airlines have the smallest weight allowance for hand luggage of all the airlines flying in and out of the UK. The weight allowance of only 5kg means that some hand luggage pieces themselves will take up 56% of the allowable weight – meaning you need to be careful in what you pack AND ensure you buy a lightweight bag to maximise the weight allowance. Thomas Cook will charge between £50 and £70 for any pieces of hand luggage that do not fit their hand luggage allowance and have to be placed in the hold.

Thomas Cook Hand Luggage Review

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