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Monarch Airlines Hand Luggage Allowance

Monarch’s hand luggage allowance performs well in our test of 131 airlines flying in and out of UK airports, coming in 15th most generous in terms of size and 10th in terms of weight.

Monarch Hand Luggage Size: 54cm x 40cm x 25cm with a weight limit of 10kg

Monarch Hand Luggage Allowance: The Good News

Monarch’s hand luggage allowance is fairly good, as it is more than Ryanair (in depth at least although its 1cm shorter in height!) and also Thomas Cook and Thomson Airways and a number of other operators. It allows for more depth than most others, but the height is slightly shorter than most. The weight allowance is also the most frequent allowance of all airlines’ hand luggage alllowances we researched.

An interesting thing that Monarch also offer is the option to take two pieces of hand luggage as long as both pieces do not exceed the allowances when added together. So check that the combined dimensions and weight do not exceed 54cm x 40cm x 25cm.

Monarch Hand Luggage Allowance: The Bad News

The height allowance for their hand luggage is 1cm shorter than the most common dimensions we found in our 131 airlines. They are smaller than British Airways and easyJet.  If you exceed the hand luggage allowance, Monarch will charge £50 to place it in the hold.

Althought Monarch allow two pieces of hand luggage, if you are flying from Luton Airport, the airport restricts you to only one piece of hand luggage. Check here for airport’s restrictions on hand luggage.

Monarch Hand Luggage Reviews

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