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IATA Hand Luggage Allowance

The IATA is the International Air Travel Association an industry trade body that represents 240 international airlines, making up more than 80% of all passenger miles flown around the world. They help set aviation policy and guidelines for operators and campaign on behalf of the airlines with governments and public bodies around the world. They have a guideline for the MAXIMUM size and allowance for hand luggage, but this is only followed by 13 airlines that fly in and out of UK Airports, including Balkan Holidays, BH Air, British Airways, Eastern Airways, easyjet, Finnair, Iberia, jet2.com, Onur Air, Small Planet Airlines, Thai Airlines, Titan Airways and WOW Air

IATA Hand Luggage Allowance: 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. No weight restriction.

IATA Hand Luggage Allowance – The Good News

This hand luggage allowance is the most generous hand luggage allowance, but is largely ignored by airlines flying in and out of the UK.

IATA Hand Luggage Allowance – The Bad News

I frequently see in the descriptions of hand luggage sold in the UK that it meets the IATA allowance, but since only 10% of the airlines flying in and out of the UK adopt this as their hand luggage policy, it could mean you are running the risk of additional fees for extra or oversized hand baggage, especially with airlines like Ryanair who check the size and weight of their passenger’s hand luggage.

IATA Hand Luggage – Hand Luggage Reviews

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