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Emirates Hand Luggage Allowance

Emirates Hand Luggage Size 55cm x 38cm x 20cm with a weight allowance of 7kg

Emirates hand luggage allowance is one of the least generous hand luggage allowances of all 131 airlines we researched that fly in and out of UK Airports, coming in at 119th in terms of most generous hand luggage allowance.

Emirates Hand Luggage Allowance – The Good News

The good news with Emirates’ Hand Luggage allowance is that it allows for a high piece of hand luggage

Emirates Hand Luggage Allowance – The Bad News

Emirates hand luggage allowance is one of the worst with only 12 other airlines offering less generous luggage allowance. The weight allowance is not the worst but it below the average and below the most frequent. Emirates also has the smallest hand luggage allowance in terms of hand luggage size and hand luggage weight within its 12 airline partners of Air Malta, Air Mauritius, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Jet Blue, Korean Air, Oman Air, Philipine Airlines, Qantas, South African Airways, TAP Portugal and Thai Airways – so if you are flying with under a code share with one of these carriers on an Emirates flight, you need to ensure your hand luggage does not exceed these small allowances.

Emirates Hand Luggage Review

For a range of hand luggage that fits Emirates’ Hand Luggage Allowance, please click here.