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British Airways Hand Luggage Allowance

British Airways’ hand luggage allowance is the most generous both in terms of weight and also in terms of size of all the airlines operating flights into and out of the UK.

British Airways Hand Luggage Size – 56cm x 45cm x 25cm with a weight allowance of 23kg

British Airways Hand Luggage Allowance: The Good News

As British Airways has the most generous hand luggage allowance of any airline flying in and out of UK airports you can be confident that most hand luggage on sale in the UK will fit BA’s allowances. For example all of John Lewis’s hand luggage is suitable on British Airways flights.

British Airways Hand Luggage Allowance: The Bad News

The bad news is if you fly with any other airline and buy your luggage based on British Airways hand luggage sizes.

British Airways flies more than 47% of all passenger miles of UK based airlines, but if you fly with the other big carriers, like Ryanair, then they have 60% less space for hand luggage than BA, and you may risk additional charges for putting oversized hand luggage in the hold.  Even some OneWorld alliance partners have smaller allowances (Qantas, American Airlines) so that means if you are flying on a BA codeshare flight that connects with a OneWorld operated flight then you could risk additional charges if your hand luggage exceeds that carrier’s allowances even if you have a BA ticket and BA flight number (something I discovered with Qantas in Sydney!).

Given that British Airways has the most generous hand luggage allowances of all airlines, it is highly unlikely that your hand luggage will be greater than the allowances, but if it does then there are steep excess charges, ranging from £55 up to £140 per bag per trip.

British Airways Hand Luggage Allowance: Hand Luggage Reviews

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