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Aer Lingus Hand Luggage Allowance

Aer Lingus Hand Luggage Size – 55cm x 40cm x 24cm with a weight allowance of 10kg.

Aer Lingus Hand Luggage Allowance – The Good News

Aer Lingus’ hand luggage allowance is in the top third of most generous allowances of our research, so it’s decent size, certainly bigger than other Irish operators like Ryanair by 4cm, although the weight allowance is the same. Aer Lingus’ Hand Luggage allowance is bigger than its code share partners of Etihad Airlines, JetBlue, KLM and United Airlines but is smaller than its other code share partner British Airways.

The hand luggage weight allowance of 10kg is the most frequent hand luggage weight allowance of all airlines we researched.

There are no specific fees for oversized hand luggage items, but if you already have 1 or 2 pieces of checked luggage (depending upon the type of fare you have bought) you may be liable for an additional baggage fee of between €15 – €40 per additional checked in bag, again depending upon your route or fare type.

Aer Lingus Hand Luggage Allowance – The Bad News

The bad news with Aer Lingus Hand Luggage allowance is if you fly on a code share flight with one of their other partner airlines, you may find your hand luggage is too big for four out of five of them and too heavy for Etihad Airlines.

Aer Lingus Hand Luggage Reviews

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