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Hand Baggage Allowances

Hand Baggage Allowance

When planning your trip with hand baggage only, there are two considerations – what the airlines allow you to take as hand luggage and what the airports allow you to take through their security.

Airline Hand Luggage Restrictions

The first is the obvious consideration, namely the allowance and size your airline will allow you. Airlines have different hand luggage allowances based on a range of different reasons, some economic, some operational, some from a marketing reason (e.g. to be the have the most generous hand luggage allowance). Find out the allowances and sizes for all airlines that fly out of the UK here.

Airport Hand Luggage Restrictions

The second consideration is to ensure that your hand luggage does not exceed the allowances and sizes in the airport you are flying from. Airports may restrict the number of hand luggage pieces or the size of hand luggage for several reason, such as the

In addition, airports restrict what you can carry in your hand luggage, including  restrictions on liquids which must not exceed containers holding more than 100ml. Full details of the liquid restrictions are available here. There are other restrictive materials which are available here.

Most airlines only allow one piece of hand luggage, although for some premium paying customers in business class or first class or for members of their frequent flyers club, they may allow more than one piece of hand luggage. However the airport may restrict the passenger to only one piece so the privelage of having two pieces of hand luggage could be worthless – check the airport restrictions before you fly by clciking here.


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