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ABTA Advises To Use Hand Luggage If Flying From Gatwick

ABTA, the Association of British Travel Agents, has advised passengers flying from Gatwick to pack all essential items in their hand luggage rather than in the hold after the luggage debacle between Gatwick Airport & the baggage handler Swissport.

Last weekend saw travellers waiting for three hours for their luggage to be off loaded from some flights, and some passengers were asked to leave the aiport without their luggage.

However, the challenge with packing more essential items into passenger’s hand lggage  is to ensure that passengers comply with the hand luggage capacities, as if you over pack your hand luggage you may be liable for additional fees from the airlines.

This comes at the busiest time of year for Gatwick as passengers take advantage of school holidays and great weather, with Gatwick expecting over a hundred thousand passengers every day over the summer break.

For a list of airlines’ hand luggage capacities, please click on the Gatwick link.

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